In Times of Turbulence, Turn Within.

I’ve always believed that the forces that we can observe in the world around us are but a physical manifestation of the internal conflicts that plague us.

Life is a mirror.

The impulse that compels us to eliminate a mosquito that dares to awake us from our slumber, for example, is the same, in principle, as the energy that fuels sectarian violence or genocide.

It may sound far-fetched, but think about it.

In both circumstances we are acting against a perceived threat to our wellbeing –  although, clearly, the latter example characterises this impulse at its most extreme. Nevertheless, whatever way you look at it, it is fear that motivates both actions and violence, in both instances, is the outcome.

The events of the past few days have awakened in us a sense of awareness of the state of the collective unconscious psyche.

Some interesting and disturbing truths about humanity have come to light.

You may feel excited and validated or disgusted and distressed by the triumph of a particular political figure. The people I have been in contact with have, on the whole, however, been feeling a sense of emotional, mental and spiritual fatigue.

It’s all well and good to point the finger at others and to shift the blame onto political figures for employing divisive rhetoric or for taking a certain stance while campaigning. But, remember –  they are only there because their energies are in alignment with the energies of the collective unconscious: their strengths are our strengths, their vices are, unfortunately, our vices.

Life is a mirror.

If we really want to effect positive, lasting change, the only thing we can do is turn inward and apply some rigorous introspection.

The time is now.

We need to identify the areas where we need to change. We need to apply mindfulness in our interactions with others. Do we manipulate people or situations? Do we exploit others given the opportunity?  Do we always act with kindness and compassion?

I know I don’t. I know I can fly into a rage with those closest to me. I know I can be passive-aggressive. I know I can be sneering and condescending to those who don’t agree with me.

It hasn’t been any easy process to observe the negative aspects of my internal workings or my primitive fear-based responses to certain people or situations. It’s been painful and many times it’s brought up a lot of shame. But, most importantly, when I finally shone the light of discriminative discernment onto some of my reactions, I actually felt empowered.

Now that I can see my issues, name them and understand them, I am no longer a victim of these shadow impulses. I have given myself the opportunity to become a conscious co-creator of my reality by engaging directly with my darkness.

This awareness of our short-comings is the true path to transformation.

Because I can see it, I can heal it.

Figures that are being elected into pubic office represent all the impulses that have been hitherto repressed because we were ashamed to believe that we had evolved no further, because we knew that this behaviour ran counter to what we’ve been taught about loving each other and because we knew we could do better. Lurking in the realm of the collective unconscious have been intolerance, hatred, fear, anger and violence.

As a society, we’ve imploded. These impulses were too powerful to remain hidden under the surface any longer. They needed a vent for their expression – cue the most recent presidential candidates.

But now we can see it.

And, because we can see it, we can heal it.

On the path ahead lies a great task for each of us – to identify where we are not in alignment with the cosmic truth – All is One. All is Love – and to purge our mental, emotional and spiritual impurities.

It’s up to us to “be the change we want to see in the world”.

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